Long Island

About Long Island

Long Island is really home to all, cliffs that tower over the eastern shoreline, vibrant coral reefs, and beaches that cannot be rivaled. Home to the deepest blue hole in the world, Long Island offers visitors an unbeatable experience. With 80 miles of sandy coastline Long Island’s beachfront properties are plentiful. Some argue that Long Island is one of the most scenic in the archipelago, with alternating, winding beaches and rocky cliffs.

Part of the Bahamas archipelago, aptly named ‘Long Island’ is a maximum of 4 miles wide at any point and stretches to around 90 miles long. It has 35 settlements, with a population of over 3000 people. Long Island has been known by 2 other names in the past, originally called ‘Yuma’ by the Arawak Indians and was then later renamed ‘Fernandina’ by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage in 1492.

The island’s coasts are a tale of 2 halves, with the deep blue Atlantic on the eastside and the calmer, turquoise waters of the Great Bahamian Bank on the west. Cat Island can be found to the north of Long Island, Rum Cay to the east and Great Exuma to the west.

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