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Best Resort Ownership Opportunities in The Bahamas

To many The Bahamas is a holiday of a lifetime, but it can be a way of life. In Nassau and beyond The Bahamas offers diverse opportunities to turn your vacation vista into your new backyard and your balcony into your regular breakfast spot.

Here’s a rundown of some of the best resort ownership opportunities […]

Best Beaches on Great & Little Exuma to Own a Home

The Exuma Islands are a 120-mile island chain comprising some of the world’s most beautiful cays, coves, beaches and landscapes. Stretching from New Providence in the North to Long Island in the South, the Exuma waters are the most remarkable palette of crystal clear blues you have ever imagined. Many of the cays are private, some operated as luxuriously exclusive private-island resorts and others are ultra-exclusive homes of celebrities and international business moguls.  Great Exuma is the main island with an international airport, numerous hotels and resorts and extensive list of exciting activities and amenities.  Great and Little Exuma are joined by a small bridge and are home to some of the Bahamas’ most beautiful powder sand beaches.  Here is our list of best beaches to own a home on.