Bahamas Hotels For Sale

Boutique Bahamas on the move

Though synonymous in the minds of many visitors and investors with the sprawling casinos, pools and the endless amenities of large-scale resorts like Atlantis and the Cable Beach hotels, it is in the area of smaller hotel offerings that much of the investment action has been seen in recent months in The Bahamas.

Since April […]

The Reinvention of Downtown Nassau

If you have ever taken a cruise around the Caribbean, you’ll know that the Port of Nassau – the historic heart of the capital city of The Bahamas – already has much to offer relative to its regional peers: high end retail, souvenirs, a tasty array of dining and drinking spots, a top notch […]


Club Peace & Plenty Offers A Strategic Investment Opportunity As Exuma Set To Grow.

Exuma’s iconic Club Peace & Plenty is going up for grabs and is expected to generate major sales interest, with any buyer set to be well-positioned to capitalize on an influx of “new generation” second-home buyers and a burgeoning commercial investment […]