The Exuma Islands are a 120-mile island chain comprising some of the world’s most beautiful cays, coves, beaches and landscapes. Stretching from New Providence in the North to Long Island in the South, the Exuma waters are the most remarkable palette of crystal clear blues you have ever imagined. Many of the cays are private, some operated as luxuriously exclusive private-island resorts and others are ultra-exclusive homes of celebrities and international business moguls.  Great Exuma is the main island with an international airport, numerous hotels and resorts and extensive list of exciting activities and amenities.  Great and Little Exuma are joined by a small bridge and are home to some of the Bahamas’ most beautiful powder sand beaches.  Here is our list of best beaches to own a home on.

1) Hooper’s Bay

Bahamas Waterfront Properties

View from Coyaba, Hooper’s Bay

When choosing real estate on a Bahamas island there is nothing like local knowledge to help you make the right decision.  According to Bahamas Waterfront Properties‘ Exuma executive Jenny Kettel, “I walk from my house through a coconut grove and arrive at the most serene place.  It’s like someone has taken a giant bite out of the island and left a powder white beach with Simon’s Point at one end and Old Hooper’s Bay at the other.”  Jenny loves it so much that she lives there permanently.

2) Emerald Bay

Bahamas Waterfront Properties

Grand Isle Villas at Emerald Bay

Many locals on the island still know Emerald Bay by its maiden name, Ocean Bight.   The half moon beach stretches approximately a mile from Farmer’s Hill to Grand Isle Villas.  Situated in the centre of the beach is Sandals Emerald Bay.  Originally a Four Season’s resort, the property is the island’s signature high end hotel.  Grand Isle which is situated at the northern end of the beach offers luxuriously appointed 2, 3 and 4 bedroom villas.

3) Jolly Hall

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Jolly Hall Aerial

This remarkable half-mile beach, located just 5 minutes from George Town, offers breathtaking views of the flawless beach and the crystal blue sea. The tranquil bay is the perfect place to perch on your balcony and absorb the island lifestyle.  Jolly Hall has 3 boutique hotels and restaurants within walking distance and is a short drive from Georgetown.

4) Tar Bay

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Perfect Beach Day

Just minutes away from the Exuma International Airport, Tar Bay is an immaculate two mile long beach which is perfect for taking relaxing walks with only the sandpipers to keep you company. You can enjoy the impeccable views from beachfront homes and explore the reefs right offshore, which are full of marine life.  Tar Bay is centrally located close to Georgetown, hotels, restaurants and other island amenities.

5) Tropic of Cancer

Bahamas Waterfront Properties

Tropic of Cancer Aerial

Some people think Tropic of Cancer beach is the most beautiful beach on Great or Little Exuma.  Located in a protected bay, the water is calm, clear and tranquil and the Tropic of Cancer passes right by at longitude N23.5.  The only thing bumping Tropic of Cancer down the list is the longish drive from Georgetown and the unfinished entrance road.  If you are looking for a quiet retreat, real estate here is less expensive than the top four and the beach is as good as it gets.

Honorable Mention:

Jimmy Hill

What do you think of our rankings?  If you feel we missed your favourite location please share it with us or share your own list of favourite properties and islands.  To list or purchase your property call us at 1-242-328-7777 or e-mail